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Lost my Smule account when changing phone


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Hi all,

I broke my Iphone and change for a Samsung Android keeping the same phone number.

I installed Smule on the new Samsung Phone and tried to connect without success. (I have a VIP account on Smule - 1 year).

My Smule account is @assezdesse.

As I don't remember how I've registered on Smule the first time (either phone number or email), I first tried to connect with my email adress (GMAIL) but unfortunately instead of login me into my Smule account it created me a new account @soirotflorian ... (that I cannot supress).

I then uninstalled Smule from the Android phone and tried to connect with my phone number and it sent me a 4 digit code by SMS... Unfortunately, it logged me still on the new account @soirotflorian.

How can I retrieve my VIP account @assezdesse please.

Many thanks



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If you bought the VIP through Apple, you will not be able to use it on Android. 

Regarding the login, you are on the right track. Do not let it create a new account. You will have to delete the app or wipe all data if you created a new account. You will need to log in the same way you logged in when you created the account. We won’t be able to tell you though how you created the account originally.  

You can also try to log in on Smule.com. There is also a password reset function there. 

Follow me on Smule: https://smule.com/opentype 

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Many thanks for your quick answer, that's very kind from you.

I do understand that I won't be able to use the VIP account on Android and I will soon get a new iphone (the android is just here to get a phone waiting the new Iphone). But I am really sure I either logged the fisrt time either by my phone or my GMAIL email account. So how come that trying both option it created me a new account? Or you confirm that I first connect neither by my phone not by my gmail adress ? (I don't have any facebook account) I really don't see how to delete my new account created. Even when I uninstall Smule on my android, the new account keeps existing on the computer ?

If registered the first time using gmail, should I choose "log by google" or "log using an email adress" on smule?

Thanks again.

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