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Download your "own" songbook songs.


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Ever wanted to backup your "own" songbook songs. This is how you do it.

//Follow these steps to download your song and lyrics:
//1) open one of your songs and go to edit, 2) open chrome developer console (F12), 3) execute this script
//You can copy and past the lyrics, and click the links to download the audio and or cover


var config = angular.injector(['recordingUploader']).get('CONFIG');
var pad = v => (v < 10 ? '0' : '') + v;

config.editingArr.lyrics.lines.forEach(l => {
    var min = Math.floor(l.ts / 60);
    var sec = Math.trunc(l.ts - (min * 60));
    var singer = l.part == 'part-1' ? 'Singer1 ' : l.part == 'part-2' ? 'Singer 2' : 'Singer12'

    console.log(`[${pad(min) + ":" + pad(sec)}] [${singer}] ${l.text}`)

console.log('Audio', config.editingArr.audioData.url);
console.log('Cover', config.editingArr.coverUrl.url);


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