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Anyone using vocal processor's on smule to record?

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I don't, only because it's such a limited platform. I'd be more open to it if we could hear how a sound will process before we commit to singing the entire song. How do you make micro adjustments without real time monitoring? If you do monitor it, how do you eliminate latency while performing? 

I do run my mic through a pre and a compressor, but it was painstaking to find the right settings.

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I don't use USB I use a I rig mic pRE into YAMAHA MG10 mixer hooked to a BOSS VE-20. It now will go through my new Behringer FX3D2000 VOCAL PROCESSOR and vocals come out of a TC helicon mic mechanic all cable is mogami gold cable

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I’d love to do this but I have no idea where to start. I run the app through iPhone & use the Saramonic pre for my mic but I ALWAYS get some type of feedback or white noise  - no matter which environment I record in or the gain level - which drives me insane. 

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