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Smule and number of likes


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@ImOnlyaGhost You have said so much truth! It’s not worth having VIP anymore. Smule has made it so that the only ones who get joins are partner artists, verified singers, and singers who have large followings and don’t listen to the joins. Oh, and those who have are in groups and support chats as you’ve mentioned.

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It’s just sad. I’m so obsessed with making my own songs and singing and I know so many are yet here we go being divided the one place we go to escape our own hells. All for what? The same greed based sex sells chase? Why? If you want to get out there Spotify your stuff and the right people will find it and then share it with the right people and you’ll network in a legit non sell out way. The Industry has taken out many ️S you see it all the time drug oberdoses lyrics expressing how they’re just a slave for the systems gain yet it’s catchy and sounds like let me shake my butt so it sells. I just yearn for something genuine in this 🌎 Don’t give up on your music my friend. 

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