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Vocal Audio issues on Android (bluestacks) after saving


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Hi all,

When I record a song, the vocal audio sounds perfect and clear when I review the recording after singing. But after I save and post the song, the recording of my vocals sound like the system over compresses it.

I have tried using two different audio interfaces and I get the same result with both.

Here is an example with my brand new mic interface (Yamaha MG10XU):


This is a friend of mine using this same interface, also in bluestacks:


Also the compression is even worse if someone completes one of my duets:


Has anyone else had this issue and could provide a little guidance as to how to get higher quality vocals after saving? Again...this only sounds this way AFTER the recording is saved/published. It sounds perfectly fine after recording during pre-submit preview.



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I'm getting this same exact issue and can't figure out a solution. Have you had any luck since posting? As you described, everything sounds fine until its saved. After saving, everything sounds distorted and just unusable. 

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I believe the issue is with some of the vocal effects when you join an iOS OC. Sometimes my vocals sound excellent, and other times they're super compressed if I mix it too close to the music track.   My guess is the algorithm is confusing the vocals with the music and trying to compress it. 

What I notice most of the time is those same effects will also pan the vocals in post so they don't blend quite right.

Do you notice that the compressed vocals usually happen when joining the same  few users?

How do your own opens sound?

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