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Smule LIVE latency?


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Anyone have tips on eliminating latency during live sessions?  I feel like some people who duet can clearly hear each other, while others need to shut off their duet partner.

How is this enjoyable if your partner always sounds out of time?

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This seems to be a very "HOT POTATO" topic my friend, 3ven Smule girls have been ignoring me on this as well as latency during recording issues for 2 years now. They keep asking me to do certain things to show them what's happening and when I do it, they say it's not good enough and they change what they want me to send them I finally got frustrated and gave up and I'm not paying them next year they stole the money out of my account this year because I told them not to otherwise I wouldn't even be a member of Smule anymore even though I love the app, I can't stand the latency anymore I never used to get it. It can come from the earbuds you're using which was a surprise to me but I had to find out the hard way that it does matter what your budget life change earbuds several times to see what difference it makes. It also makes a difference how fast your internet connection is. That's one of the major ones that I've found. And then of course the network is mule is on his a part to play. All three of these things that I know of need the line of completely. The speed of your phone, and if you clean your cash lately makes a big difference. I know clearing my cash sometimes will work when I'm trying to record a song but not always. Sometimes it's just useless and it's so frustrating to spend two hours trying to get a song done because you keep starting over due to latency. It's a huge huge problem for me and I have to leave the app because of it and I'm sad about that but there's nothing I can do. I cannot sing when it slapping back a second after I say a word and then repeating the word to me. This is too much and no one likes to sing and you can't hear himself so why should I sing and turn the mic down? I can just do that with the radio in my car. It would make this an absolute app. I know I wasn't much help but hopefully you can take one of those three or four line items that I've suggested and kind of play around with all three or four of them and see if maybe something changes. Take care

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