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can i perform using DAW (eg Garageband) and stream to smule live sing


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Hi all,

i ve been researching to sing and play guitar which connect to my garageband in macbook and be stream to smule live jam?

fyi, i have with me scarlette 18i8 as the audio interface for connecting my mic and guitar / midi to my macbook. Now i am not sure what devices to buy/get to have the macbook pro connect to smule live sing? is there any idea what kind of interface to get?


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8 minutes ago, opentype said:

I don’t think this is possible. Smule is only accepting input from the iOS or Android app. The better choice is usually to get a mixer/audio interface that can be connected to your phone/tablet directly, so you don’t need the MacBook at all. 

ok noted with thanks. but the whole idea is to actually tweaking all the endless effect in DAW for each track..it vocal track and guitar track or piano track....that was the intention..

and this can be similar to playing some audio from any sources while u r in smule...maybe acting as deejay? idk.

anyway TQ again.

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