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Weird "liking" activity.


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It happens all the time. I sometimes have 5 or 6 collabs “liked” by the same person all within one minute. There’s no way they could have listened to ANY songs in a minute. They’re just dong start/like, start/like, start/like, etc. I actually quit being a group leader over this issue. To me, it’s lying. It’s mainly members of groups, probably groups the person you sang with belong to, liking everything everybody within their group does. People like to be on that “Trending” page or something like that. I, personally, find it petty and childish. I’m here to sing, not engage in popularity contests.  

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Its called the blind loves or fake loves and it happened long ago since smule began. They do it for covering their bad voices. You'll see a lot people (I don't wanna call them singers) they make a lot of ocs and those ocs got a lot of loves. Probably 200 loves but nobody join those ocs. Why? Because they don't have a good voice. Loves can be faken but joiners can't

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