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Should I respond? (Group audition)

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Hi everyone,

I auditioned for a group on Smule and was feeling pretty good because the person who opened the audition liked the song. I know that it was a genuine like because she only likes some of the songs. The next day a member of her group also liked the song but right after that she went to the comments area and left a message saying that I was just average and that they shouldn't accept me in the group. I felt so bad that I deleted the song. Out of curiosity I went to the profile of the person who left the comment because I imagined that she must have an incredible voice. I was shocked to find out that she is actually a pretty bad singer. I'm not here to judge anybody but if someone is going to criticize me, I'm going to try to find out where the criticism is coming from.

Right now I feel angry and I am considering contacting the person who started the audition to tell her what happened, but I'm afraid of being bullied by that group as a result. Should I just let it go? Thanks for reading.

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