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Join expired Smule collabs?


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4 hours ago, TheMajesticM said:

And last question for you: What do you think you sound like? 

Mate I started my Post where I said "In My Honest Opinion" You and I are both entitled to our opinions and I appreciate your view point. Lets us not get personal here.. Indian culture is very complex and vast majority of Smule users could be uneducated with no etiquette. Vast majority of women in India send audio only invites to avoid giving men wrong ideas. Not every Smule member is there to sing. Not every one is a VIP member either. I have come across men following thousands of people with very few followers and believe it or not Zero Songs recorded...ZERO Invites These men in my opinion can be predators, scammers, hackers. That is another big worry to genuine Smule singers, especially ladies  is it not ?

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10 hours ago, _RamKrish1012 said:

Lets us not get personal here.

I wasn’t meaning to get personal but your original comment had some serious insults, which maybe you didn’t realize the way your comment sounded. The purpose of this app is for fun, and I seriously doubt anyone on the app will be famous…. my opinion, well maybe app famous. To me, we’re all equal on the app. It’s an app! 

I guess I should have created a new post for this topic because this thread has been resolved so this is all I have to contribute. 

My point: manners matter. The Internet has become a very toxic place but so has the real world. Sad thing so many people don’t even realize it……

Peace, bro! 

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2 hours ago, TheMajesticM said:

I seriously doubt anyone on the app will be famous…. my opinion, well maybe app famous.

I had to log back in to clarify. I’m sure there are singers who have potential to become successful. I follow a few. Still, everyone should be treated equally on the app. 

I don’t want to sound self righteous. I’ve hurled some insults in the past BUT I had been provoked. Does it make it right? No. I ignore and sing and started behaving my age instead of a 5-year-old. 

Last reply! ✌🏼

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