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How to get likes/comments on your recordings

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I have posted 3 recordings in the last 24 hours and have not received any likes and Smule is saying I need to start a collab with someone for my recordings to show up. Did they change it so that your recordings are not public? I'm on a quest to be a better singer and I want people to hear my voice. I get a good score from the Smule rating system even though I don't know how reliable that is so any help you can give a new singer on Smule would be great. 



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If you use the same username as here, I see 5 public recordings. 

But I wouldn’t be surprised about not getting any likes. There are millions of active users, each following hundreds of users. There is only so much time each user spends listening to songs. It takes time to build and audience and make friends on the app who will actively listen to your uploads. And solos and audio-only songs will usually get less attention anyway. 

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Follow me on Smule: https://smule.com/opentype 

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