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How to play guitar and use a condenser mic at the same time with good sound on iPad?

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Hi all,

ive been on Smule Sing! App for 5 Years now, and I wanted to try and input guitar with my voice recordings now. Does anyone know how to setup a condenser mic with an electric guitar, pedal and amp? I would obviously love to pop solo’s during music intervals instead of just looking everywhere on the video and doing nothing lol. 

I already use a condenser mic with a phantom power power supply (Like an irig) but i need to figure out how to input the guitar, if anyone wants to share their setups or their knowledge, that would be great!

P.S: i am using an IPad


thank you

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You would need a mixer to combine several input sources into one. There are more and more available these days which can easily be connected to phones and tablets. 

If you use the term “mixer” in the Sing.Salon search field, you will find a couple of discussions around this. 

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