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Hi guys! 

I am a founder of a group on Smule called LVOS, I have just under 200 members, for the last month I/my Husband and I have been doing a weekly podcast trying to promote smule, my group, my members and others on Smule. 

We do interviews for the show, hopefully got a shoutout from Weezerden this week, he's just learning how to speak English lol bless him. If you have an interesting story or want to do an interview on our podcast, please send me a message! 

We recently did an interview feat NewYorkDanny, a Smule user who is early 40's and suffering from Leukemia and trying to raise awareness for #beltitoutforcancer 

we also feature songs our members have sung dring the week, we also do. name that tune competitions on Smule and the winner gets featured! 

How can we get hold of some Smule TShirts to send to our winners? 

So far we are only broadcasting on facebook and SoundCloud but hope to promote Smule more! 

Thanks for reading 

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Do Smule tee shirts actually exist? Perhaps you may wish to reach out to the developers and ask them about it, and possibly gain access to merch via that modality. 

I have been running nonprofit community outreach projects, and workshops since around 2008 and based upon my experience I suspect that you may be able to gain permission somewhere for logo reproduction in correlation to your own brand (perhaps a mashup of designs?). If you've got a design in mind, it's quite easy to have your own printing done via a source of your choosing! =) 

Your project sounds quite cool, by the way! I'm still relatively new to Smule, but also downloaded it as a resource for music therapy during my own processes of self-healing and grief management. It's been most helpful, and I'm constantly attempting to promote it myself! =D

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