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How Can I Turn Off Autoplay?


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Can a Smule Master inform me of how to turn off the autoplay feature? I cannot even find the switch, and it is giving this diva a headache. (I received a diva gift this week. 😁) Seriously I really need to find the switch. I can’t comment without the song playing over and over. As much as I love to hear the lovely singing, I get a headache. Someone please tell me where the switch is located, and if it’s gone, let’s get it back fast, Smule! 


PeacefulJoin ✌️ 


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If you're talking about it skipping to the next song, then you can turn auto-play off if you're using a browser to listen/comment, but as far as I know, you can't stop the auto play on your app 


If you're talking about how just the song you're commenting on is replaying, then I think it has always automatically played the song as soon as you click on the song/thumbnail - because that's just how Smule works.

Oh, but (in the app), I don't think it plays the song if you're just in the comments (if you entered via clicking on the notif of the comment in the notif section in app, and not a notif from the app...if that makes sense??)

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