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Smule VIP as gift?

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Hey there! 

Is there anyway we can gift members VIP on smule? Or any way round it like iTunes gift card??? 

If iTunes voucher is acceptable how can we redeem it for VIP? 

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The problem is that its a subscription product. So anyone ordering it, essentially commits to pay for it again and again. 

iTunes gift cards are possible, but they are tricky as well. It might not work across countries and most importantly …


Why can’t I start a free trial or purchase an All Access Pass with my iTunes Gift Card?

Apple policy requires you to have a minimum balance equal to the cost of the initial purchase plus 1 renewal period on your iTunes Gift Card in order to use it to start a free trial or purchase an All Access Pass. You will need to increase your Gift Card balance.

That’s from the Smule FAQ page. 

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