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Backing track sounds a lot more quiet after uploading to song book.


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Hi, can somebody help me with this. I tried to upload a backing track to the song book. There's already a backing track of the same song that was uploaded by somebody else but I wanted to upload my own because that one didn't have good "lyric-timing". Before uploading, I checked the sound by listening to both on my computer, the one already uploaded to the song book and my own backing track that I'm gonna upload. At the same speaker volume, my backing track sounded a little louder and better. However, after uploading, my backing track sounded significantly more quiet than the other. I tried again and got the same result. This is really frustrated. Can someone tell me why and what can I do to make the sound louder. (This is not the first time I upload a backing track). Thank you in advance.

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Yeah, I think they started to process the uploads a while back, so that the community songs don’t all have greatly varying loudness. I don’t think we can influence that. 

I had a similar problem where I wanted the background track to be quiet, because it was a movie scene background, but the volume was raised automatically after the upload. 

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