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Smule blog: Sing Live Audio Now Available


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As many of you know, on August 4th we relaunched  LiveJam as Sing Live, with a focus on addressing some of the main safety concerns of the community. In the announcement, we shared plans to launch a free, audio-only experience in addition to the video + audio experience for VIP users. We’re pleased to share that Sing Live audio has officially launched and will be available to all users in the next week. Soon, everyone in the Smule community can once again enjoy a live music experience.

How does it work?

Sing Live, previously LiveJam, is Smule’s live performance feature. The combined video+audio live experience is available only within groups and accessed by VIP users. The audio-only version of Sing Live is available for any user age 16+ within the Smule community. 

View the full article on the Smule blog

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I have it now. Make sure you have updated the app. Click on Go Live, same as you did before, and it will only be audio if you’re not in a group. If you go into a group and you’re not a member or not a VIP, you can still sing but audio only. I love it in more ways than one. There are times I don’t want to sing by video, and it’s great for safety. No more surprise flashing from anonymous trolls! 🤢

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