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Condenser mic and audio interface/mixer

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I was using the sE Electronic 2200 condenser mic with steinberg ur22 mkii usb audio interface for my smule singing. However the steinberg ur22 mkii usb audio interface went bad after only 3 month of use. I had bought this after a lot of research. I am disappointed. So I am thinking if I should buy a mixer instead of audio interface. Can the experts in this forum suggest me if a mixer would do the work and if yes, is there a good mixer that I should try to get? I also do live performance, but often find it difficult to get musicians to play for my live performance. So how can I use the gear that I have (condenser mic with audio interface/mixer) to use smule tracks for my live performance. 
Thank you for your help in advance.       

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Hello, I am using Steinberg ur44, It is very stable interface. I use iPad Pro and dspMixFx app. It has channel strip, and it has EQ and Compressor.Hope this helps you....Thanks

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