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Using External USB Microphone - Issues!

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Hey guys,

I've got a RODE NT-USB mic that I use on my PC a lot, and wanted to use it with Sing! but after buying the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter (Camera Connection kit) it works in everything EXCEPT Sing!

The normal recorder on both iPhone and iPad use it and output sound through the inline listening as well, as well as Garageband and the RODE Recording App.

As soon as I open Sing! it just switches back to the "iPhone" setting on the devices, or shows it is using the RODE USB but not actually using it for either recording or audio, with the sound coming out of the iPads normal speakers!

I'm really annoyed and frustrated now, was so looking forward to it working. Anyone got any ideas?

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Thanks a lot! I've messaged her, but I think I've got it working on both now, just booting up Garageband first and allowing it to run in the background of other music apps means it picks it up correctly, few minor adjustments to levels in GB and everything is working in Sing! Thanks for the pointer of where to look!


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