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Weird noises while record with new s20+

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Hej Guys! I just have a weird question.. 


i got this weird crackling sounds since ive got the new s20+

With my s10+ it was all okay but now i got this weird sounds .. 

Ive uploaded a screenrecord from it: https://streamable.com/mwnid0


Dont know if im allowed to post links but i hope its ok.. this problem is really annoying cant record anything..

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In addition to opentype's question above, are you using wifi or cellular?

I have a galaxy s20+ its my primary for Smule because the camera adjust to stage lighting 100 times better than iPhone. So I've done research on Galaxy phones. Turn off Dolby Atmos as well as amy other sound enhancing options, as well as restarting the phone.

That's what I had to add for now.


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2 hours ago, opentype said:

The video indicates you are not using headphones. Is that true?

I am. But did this just for a test. Same problem with headphones..

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