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I recorded my vocals for a karaoke on free style....after saving it went for a collab automatically

Rao Yadamreddy

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Rao Yadamreddy

and the link has /ensembles at the end. so I am not able to download as the smule downloader  doesnt accept the link.. How can it happen like that....so annoying ....after a very satisfied recording as I checked it before saving....this is what we pay for....so many dollars...unbelievable.....

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26 minutes ago, Rao Yadamreddy said:

How can it happen like that....

A freestyle works like any other song just without a background track. 
You choose “solo”, “duet” or “group” BEFORE starting your recording. 

The Smule Downloader should work as well. But you have to use the link to a specific performance. 

Follow me on Smule: https://smule.com/opentype 

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Rao Yadamreddy
Posted (edited)

I had to record it again yesterday again...today I recorded another song on freestyle. When I stopped the recording and went for saving and I found this message "oh no! we encountered a problem saving your recording

...we apologize for the inconvenience" sing again....

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