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Switching Smule devices (iPhone/Chromebook)

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Hello all,

I am a 3 month user (or so), vip, and I wanted to switch from my phone to my laptop (phone is iPhone X and laptop is Chromebook). But when I open my account on the laptop it behaves like a non-paying member account. How do I sign into my already paying account with all of my info etc on the laptop? Also, on my computer screen it is minimally-sized and hard to scroll down on certain pages bc there is no scroll bar anywhere alongside?

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  • opentype changed the title to Switching Smule devices (iPhone/Chromebook)

Where did you buy the VIP subscription? An Apple App store subscription won’t work non-Apple products. 

I also don’t think you will be happy with running Smule on a Chromebook. It’s just not made for that. It’s doesn’t even run all that well on Android. 

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Yeah, the chromebook version is really limiting, overall. It’s actually cheaper subscription too bc I went ahead and jumped the gun and just paid for a month on the Chromebook separately and it was just 4.99.

And regarding the Apple purchase being through the App Store (duh, god I’m slow sometimes), I just didn’t even think about it that way. I guess I thought regardless of the purchase method it showed VIP on my account now so anywhere I opened it, it would ALSO be VIP. Thank you though. That makes complete sense.

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