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Song Arrangement in a Live Browser - Challenging Timing Lyrics Correctly

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Hey guys, today I started my first upload. 

It's an hour later and I'm still sitting here fudging with the timing of the lyrics. I using firefox and no matter what I do, when I press the space bar to set timing perfectly and then finish, everything is about 3 seconds off (delayed)

Anyone else experience something like this? Just wondering if there are workarounds. It really should not be this hard! :)


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Yep either it is on point or it is delayed a few ms(my case) or sec. And doesn't help that the edit feature is only in seconds...😂
Anyways you can try:
1. have only Firefox running.
2. also, close all tabs leaving smule open.
That will sometimes help you get through the timing process more smoothly :)

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Or...I could just jump into a time machine and go 3 full seconds back into the future 🤣

Thanks for the response, I appreciate it!


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