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Song Arrangement in a Live Browser - Challenging Timing Lyrics Correctly

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Hey guys, today I started my first upload. 

It's an hour later and I'm still sitting here fudging with the timing of the lyrics. I using firefox and no matter what I do, when I press the space bar to set timing perfectly and then finish, everything is about 3 seconds off (delayed)

Anyone else experience something like this? Just wondering if there are workarounds. It really should not be this hard! :)


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Yep either it is on point or it is delayed a few ms(my case) or sec. And doesn't help that the edit feature is only in seconds...😂
Anyways you can try:
1. have only Firefox running.
2. also, close all tabs leaving smule open.
That will sometimes help you get through the timing process more smoothly :)

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Or...I could just jump into a time machine and go 3 full seconds back into the future 🤣

Thanks for the response, I appreciate it!


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  • 8 months later...

yes! Always… from day 1. I've tried clicking it a line early or clicking it a line later and I'm pretty digitally savvy and kind of intelligent I think ha ha ohnand an Interactive Developer! andI can't figure it out…

I'm glad you're able to go in and edit and that we can adjust them with arrows manually… And just check it and go back and fix it and repeat…

but if my lyrics are in there And timed at least somewhat decently I could live with that but no no no

BEYOND that, the problem I'm having now is I get through all of the steps… Uploading titling lyrics timing etc.… And then at the very end I can't click save or next in order to save no matter what I do so my last three at least songs have no lyrics

actually shite!, Weight I almost forgot and that's sort of what prompted me to finally reach out is because miraculously I did upload a song the other day and at first it did this and it wouldn't let me put the lyrics in but then I tried a little later in a different browser and it worked in chrome on a pretty new MacBook Pro and I was super stoked so then immediately I went to do the other ones and it didn't work again sometimes it won't even let me go Through the timing process for the lyrics I can paste in there but then I get stuck a

any thoughts / suggestions?


thank you

I hope there's not too many auto is changed here tired and I don't feel like going back through and editing this thanks ha ha

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  • 10 months later...

Hello. I see this topic is about 9 months old, but wanted to respond anyway. I have uploaded several songs myself. The lyric timing is the most difficult for me. Some seem to get it close to perfect. I even tried using the seconds time, but still off. If there is an easier or better way to set the timing of an upload rather than just by ear, I would be so happy to know. Thank You for your posts on this topic. 

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If you know the song well enough, setting the timing shouldn’t be too hard. I simply sing along while setting the timing, so I don’t do it “blindly”. And after setting the timing, I test the recorded timing by singing along again. I never had any problems with this method. 

I almost exclusively rely on clicking at the right time. If I make mistakes, I rather restart. I almost never use the option to move timing points manually. Certainly not many of them. Maybe if there is a single mistake in an otherwise perfect recording of the timing. 

A possible trick I could think of would be to start the actual song (for example on a phone) while setting the timing with the karaoke track on the computer. This could help. Maybe even deliberately starting it a little bit earlier, so the timing of the karaoke track isn’t delayed because the person setting the timing reacts to the playback on the phone. 

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