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Mic Help Needed! (IK Multimedia iRig Studio)

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I don't understand what I am doing wrong.  I have the IK Multimedia iRig Studio mic digital studio microphone for iPhone, iPad, and MAC.  Most of the time when I try to record with it, it sounds like I am in a tunnel.  Sometimes are better than others.  But I don't understand what I am doing wrong.  I have tried going from big open rooms, to small closets, and it's still the same.  Can anyone help me?   Thanks!

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  • opentype changed the title to Mic Help Needed! (IK Multimedia iRig Studio)

Hi Amy, I don't use the iRig, but did want to throw in a couple of ideas.

1. What device(s) are you using it with? You mentioned: iPhone, iPad, and MAC. Same issue on all 3 devices, or more than one device?

2. For troubleshooting, have you done recordings with no effects whatsoever in Smule?

3. Are there any adjustments on the iRig?

4. Just a thought - Ive heard this effect sometimes when headphones or audio cable are not making good stereo connection

5. New iRig? Warranty, etc?

6. What are you plugging into the iRig for a microphone?

7. One more thing. Have you recorded audio using iRig into another app besides Smule, and if so - that would help rule Smule out as the issue.

Ok, that was a lot of questions 😁


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1.  I am using it with my iPhone

2. Yes.  They all sound the same.

3.There is an adjustment for mic volume and headphone volume


5. It is brand new, but I have no idea about a warranty as it was a gift.

6. The iRig IS the microphone.  Lol

7. I haven't used it for any other apps.

Thanks for the help!

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I have the irig - pre. I know I have to adjust my gain often. No song is the same. My super stuido settings have to changed constantly as well. This is such a great question because I would like to know the same. I am wondering if I should buy the digital version? I also heard Scarlett Solo is amazing and I was contemplating that purchase. 

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