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AirPod Pro's and Smule App

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I know about the latency issue with bluetooth devices, which ALMOST seems to be nonexistent with the Airpod Pros. I drop it about 30ms and its on point every time. 
But, i was wondering if anyone knew exactly why i cant hear my voice while i sing, using these Airpod Pros? I remember using the regular headphones that came with it and being able to hear myself as i sang. Any ideas? I greatly appreciate any help.

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Howdy! Are you on iPhone\ios?

There are known issues with Bluetooth and in most cases Android, some details found in older posts like these:


Since I'm new to the scene I'll not jump to conclusions but I have done a lot of research on Smule and being able to hear your voice (assuming you have turned the slider up for "vocal volume" when singing a song) with bluetooth is a known challenge depending on what equipment you have; however, I have not heard about it being so on an iPhone.

There are indications out there that the airpods are supported, but I don't see anyone specifically saying they can monitor their own voice.

On Amazon in the questions sections for Airpods I searched for "smule" and didn't find any results - I was surprised that out of some 1,000 questions the word "smule" is not mentioned once.

Hopefully someone more seasoned can chime in. Hope that helped a little bit.


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