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Why is my Smule account FROZEN?

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I've been using Smule Sing! for the past 3 years and also I'm also a VIP. The problem is today when I opened the app, it said my account is frozen. I reinstalled the app and tried to login (using email), but failed. I even tried to reset my password, but I didn't get the recovery email! I don't how can this happen. I have never shared my gmail/password with anyone. I have already emailed to Smule Now let's see. Can anyone please tell me the reason for this if they know? Can I ever get my account back with all 9K followers and 20K recordings intact? I'm not a spam account for sure and a normal user, never bullied or harassed anyone here in Smule. So how can this happen? Please answer if anyone knows it. 

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I just searched for you on Smule and it says "this account frozen". The Only thing I can think of that your VIP annual subscription may have failed and not gone through. Please check and make sure you have paid your annual subscriptions. Did you get your VIP from Apple or Google or Smule web site ?. Cheers Ram

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