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PlayZone709's Summer CAMP-etition event!

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Press play. Get in the zone.

Welcome to PlayZone709, a new Smule community with exciting events planned for singers to connect, collaborate, and create together using the Smule platform! PlayZone709 has been working hard to make sure its first event is organized and ready to launch, most notably for the upcoming PZ709 Summer CAMP-etition - a 7-Round summer camp themed singing competition that is sure to bring all of the nostalgia to the table while providing singers with an opportunity to make new friends within a summer camping environment that a lot of people will be missing out on this year! Now all we need... is YOU!

Aside from a passion for song, the leadership of PlayZone709 comes prepared with 15+ years management experience, 20+ years volunteer leadership experience working with youth and adults to organize large group events and programs touching on teamwork, camping, life skills, band programs, and instructional techniques. Our Summer CAMP-etition event will surely showcase this - however, we are looking for people to get involved in executing this well-planned event to make it happens, so check it out!

The concept for PlayZone709 is centred around building a community where members have continuous access to group events and opportunities to participate with one another. Competitions can be fun, but they're not for everyone. That's why those who don't necessarily have a competitive edge will also benefit from the community. There are plenty of ways we can sing together without scoring systems and big performances. Opportunities for personal growth are presented when you dedicate yourself long term. We want to dedicate ourselves to the community long term, too.

Camp is open now ‚Äď find an audition at PlayZone709 and check out what we've been working on! The Summer CAMP-etition event starts July 7, 2020!¬†





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The PlayZone709 Summer CAMP-etition starts July 7th. Come check it out if singing and socializing is your thing!

This is what happens when volunteers get restless during a pandemic - magic! Seven outstandingly fun rounds have been created for participation between now and August 31, 2020. We're also looking for new talent to join our community in the form of judges, coaches, and those who otherwise may not wish to sing in a competition, but may wish to get involved in this new project in a great way! Our team is small but wants to build on that and have fun with other like-minded singers this summer!

Our event this summer will be hosted by DaveXtra, a singer in the Smule community since 2014. Lively, dedicated, and sometimes a little "extra", here's what DaveXtra had to say about this upcoming event:

"There was a lot of work put into this program - it looks good! I wish I could participate in the events... honestly, forget that, I'm probably going to participate in some just for the fun of it. I've participated in a couple of competitions since joining the Smule community and they're a lot of fun - mind you, a lot of work (laughs) because it really pushes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to pull out your strengths while also making you revisit the parts of your vocal style that require the most work. But no mistake - a lot of fun! This one is a little different and will still bring to light all of the things you love and appreciate about your usual singing competitions."

"I wanted to take the lead on this for a number of reasons. I have a lot to give. Professionally, I'm an operations manager and also a volunteer within a para-military leadership group. I'm no stranger to hard work, and I volunteer besides. Sometimes the best gift is knowing you've been there for someone or have brought people closer together. Believe it or not, I have downtime (laughs), especially now that the latter of those two commitments has taken a back burner since 2020 reared its head and all of the social distancing came into effect. There are just a lot of really great things that people are going to miss out on this summer but of course for the safety of everyone. I know my Smule screen time, for example, is through the roof (laughs), so it would be great to have people come along and join in on an online event that has already been organized if they're looking for something to do. It's free, when you think about it, you know, based on your Smule membership. I would of course recommend VIP if you can swing it because it frees up a lot of things you can do in the app, but it's not required. You just have to read the schedules and follow the guidelines and show up."

"I have a lot of energy, and I've been singing for as long as I can remember. Some of the existing groups I've joined in the past have been a lot of fun and for all of the right reasons. Every time, my intention was go meet some like-minded people for a few songs, push my limits and use it as an outlet to practice and work on my singing... but I didn't always find the environments were what I was looking for, you know - retention is as important as recruitment if you want something to stick and be successful... you have to keep people engaged and motivated. I wasn't engaged. I was glad to be done with it. There was nothing really holding me there and I wasn't doing what I wanted to, which was to meet new people and work on our singing together. Sometimes people have great ideas but you need someone to really take the bull by the horns and follow through."

"On retention, that's actually one of my favorite parts of this event - singers who are no longer a part of the main event still have a place to participate... and maybe even redeem themselves! That's all I'll say on that, but it's a super cool idea. I also like that there are group chat rooms created so that people don't get lost in a sea of messages in a general chat window. Also on retention and a recruitment note, that's the biggest downfall right now. That and the graphics. I hope someone checks us out that wants to eventually help in that way. I helped, and it was fun, but graphic design is certainly not my forte. Enjoy the cheesiness. Anyways, the whole concept is new and needs to gain some traction. PlayZone709 isn't established so I just hope people check it out and have fun if groups and competitions are their thing. I'm super excited."

Auditions are ongoing until June 30* and can be found by either looking up the tags for auditions or PlayZone709.



Pz709 - Bonus Art.jpg







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