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Group sing for drama club reunion


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Hi, Some of my friends and I are getting together on Smule to honor our high school drama club teacher, by singing songs from the musicals he directed.  We're spread far and wide, so we want to create a group, and limit singing on our group collaborations to just our group (and then we'll show the group collaborations at his virtual birthday party--has too be--Covid you know!).  We're not sure how to do this or where to find directions.  How do we invite just our members to the song we want to record and limit others from joining our collaboration?  Does this happen automatically if we are sending a song invite to the group?  I'm seeing conflicting information about whether or not the group feature is available on Android.    I see that some people say it was available and then was discontinued.  Can you help?  Thank you so much!  Mimi

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Okay so I've looked around here and elsewhere, and this is what I have gleaned so far?

Hi Friends, A question. I've never tried to do a private collab, but my HS classmates and I are doing a virtual 70th birthday party for our Drama Coach of 30 years ago, and alumni from around the world will be singing our high school musical songs together on Smule. Not sure how to pull this off without having other Smule Members join? As near as I can figure, we have to follow one another. Then one person has to start the song and make sure they click on group before starting the recording. They then record their part, and right right after they hit continue they set the song from"public" to "private." After setting the song to private, the next screen will allow them to invite their friends, and they then invite the friends participating in the collab through a message or link. Then those folks can lay down their tracks whenever they want, and the end product appears in the song-originator's channel? (Is that correct, or does the last person to lay down their track/complete the song have to publish the song?)

Is this any different with Android? A friend of mine who joined our collab, wasn't able to view it after it was done.

Is the above correct? Any tips? Thank you so much for any help you can provide! ❤️

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3 hours ago, MemphisEgypt said:

Is the above correct? 

Yes. All you need to do is set the song to “private”. 

You don’t need to start a “group” for a “group collab”. Those things have nothing to do with each other, despite using the same word. 

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