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EM demands I sing the lower part when singing on Smule

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This happened recently and made me very angry.

Backstory: I like to sing a falsetto voice whenever I know my falsetto can hit the proper range for a nice harmonizing.

To story: I was singing "Say Something" with other people to test my falsetto with other people. Normally part 1 sings melody while part 2 sings either the higher or lower part but the lower part is harder as some notes are harder to reach. After singing for about 20 mins, I felt thirsty and went to get some water before I realized I had receive a message from a user I was singing with.

The message read: Dear (my name on Smule), please would you mind singing the lower part as I was drowning out her daughter. (Normally, I only message people on Smule when they are not singing to the melody or are singing at the wrong pitch for the entire song) I tried to comply to the user's request when 5 mins after singing the lower part, the same user message me again, and it went: Hey (my name) can you sing better as now you rather soft. I tried once more, louder but less on tune. This time, the same user message me and it went: Hi, this is AU's (Annoying User) mum, can you please sing a lot better as this Smule entry was supposed to be entered into a competition.

I replied Sure. then comes my pettyrevenge: I sang again but this time I sang using Super Falsetto. The song itself was rather high so at the point we were supposed to sing together, I just sang 1 Octave higher than the user, knowingly that I drowned out her voice and when got to my solo, she also sang it so I decided to practice and experiment with falsetto and although some parts felt that it were crashing, other areas harmonize so nicely I just send it and no messages back this time

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