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Live jam features Android vs IOS

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Is there a difference in features between Android and IOS?

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Absolutely...I have a Samsung Galaxy 10 note and a iPhone XR. I didn't realize what a difference my phones made until today when I was going through and deleting old stuff from when I first started a few years ago (Galaxy S6)...The stuff sounds so bad I can't even listen and the timing is way off...(no my singing didn't help)...got the

Galaxy S8 note, sound improved but timing was an issue, inability to rewind/ffd recording ocs, effects are different, live jam connection issues, live jam filters, colors of the words are different and a few other app differences...and my avatars are different l

Galaxy10 note-no difference

iPhone XR-sound quality does not sound so tin canny... Able to match sound and sync with other singer in OCs most of time...can Rew/ffd in audio ocs, more vocal effects I think (I don't really use them) , more compatible with live jams absolutely...filters for live jams, overall better sound quality.


I use the same Beats headphones with both phones. I am hearing impaired and I am so used to iPhone that I have difficulty on Android now and use that vip account to admin usually and occasionally join OCs but the sound quality drives me insane. 


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