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Blue Yeti volume is AMPLIFIED issue

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Issue: Recorded voice is super amplified, too loud that sound is almost distored

Mic: Blue Yeti, I set the input volume lowest.

Connection: 3rd party USB to Lightning converter to connect to Iphone Xr

1. Tried on my wife's Iphone Xs as well. Problem exists

2. Reinstalled the app, the problem didn't go away

3. change to official Apple's USB to Lightning converter. Not yet, it's $30....

4. Factory reset: Problem didn't go away


When I sing on Smule, my recorded voice is super loud, too loud that it is distorted a bit. Do you think that if I use expensive Apple's official USB to lightning converter would fix it?

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Do you have a test recording we can check out?

How does the wave pattern on the review screen look? It it really peaking all the time?

Follow me on Smule: https://smule.com/opentype 

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Hi opentype, 

Since the quality was so bad, I purchased the genuine Apple adapter (USB<>lightening). Firstly, the amplified loud noise is noticeably gone. So that's good.. but I still think Apple earbuds produce better sound quality. I am very disappointed. I am not sure if it's how the phone works with Smule, or there is still an issue. 

I should be able to record one audio and put it up here later.

Thank you!

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