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What would happen if I switch device?

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Hello, I know somebody already asked this question but I cannot find a clear answer so I would like to bring up this topic again.

I first installed Smule in my Android phone to sing. Now I'd like to switch my Smule account from that Android phone to an Ipad. My question is what would happen to my recordings if I uninstall Smule App in the Android and install Smule to Ipad to sing from now on. Will the recordings still be in my Smule account so I can see them in the Ipad ?

Thank you for your assistance. Have a nice day and stay safe !

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Your songs and everything will still be there, since it is all stored on Smule’s servers, not your phone. 

In fact, you don’t even have to “switch”. You can also use your account on multiple devices. It gets a little bit more complicated regarding the VIP membership, since it exists as iOS-only, Android-only and cross-plattform offer (from smule.com). 

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