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Difference between buying VIP subscription through iTunes.

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Hi everyone! 

I'm here because I need your help. I have an iPhone and I really want to become VIP on Smule Sing! app. The problem is that I've seen (sorry if my English is not so accurate) a price on the application which is different than the one I've seen on smule.com. And I read that you can either buy the same subscription on iTunes or on the Smule website. But why do they have different prices? The iTunes one is way bigger (insanely expensive) than the smule.com one. Probably these prices are different in each country and I don't know if that happens in yours too. But anyways I'm a little scared that if I buy the subscription on smule.com I won't be able to use it on my iPhone... But the website says it will work both on Android and Apple?? I don't know please help!!! 

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