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Any one Using Focusrite iTrack Solo for Smule recordings ?


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I am currently using the IK Media iRig Pro I/O. A Smule Partner tells me that he loves his Focusrite iTrack Solo for IoS. He uses the Focusrite with Rode NT 1 Condenser Mic.  Want to hear from members who are using the Focusrite iTrack Solo. Look forward to hearing from users.



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Any one suggest me, Focusrite Itrack solo works with smule app on ipad(6th Gen

), I am going to buy Itrack solo to record on smule.

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Try contacting   DrSanjayDhawan    using smule messaging. He lives in Delhi and uses Focusrite i Track ( which is out of production now and scarce). Try follow him on Smule and listen to his recordings. As for iPad 6th Generation I don't see why not. But check to make sure as iPad 6th Gen has Lightning connector and you need to find out if you can plug the focusrite to it.

Having said that the iRig Pro I/O definitely works well with iPad 6th gen which is what I use.  Cheers

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