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IRIG PRO DUO and Smule


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 I just got the Irig pro duo to sing on the Smule app.

 I use a sm58 shure microphone and XLR cable.

 On exit, headphones and Audiophony column.

 When I connect my microphone to input 1, everything works fine

 On input 2, I have no output sound.
 However, the green led lights up when I sing.  So the signal goes through.

 Thinking about a problem from the Irig, I ordered another one.
 Same problem.

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  • opentype changed the title to IRIG PRO DUO and Smule

I was wondering how the Duo would work with Smule. But I am not surprised to hear what you describe. You probably need to use an iRig recording app to use both channels. It sounds like Smule will not recognize the second channel. I don’t think there is anything easy you can do about that. 

Follow me on Smule: https://smule.com/opentype 

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I have not record with 2 inputs yet

I am testing 

I wrote an email to IK multimedia.

I will post a message here when I get an answer ūüėČ

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So I plugged 2 microphones XLR in each input, input number 2 does not work 

But if we look the notice, it‚Äôs written :¬†¬ę XLR cable¬†to¬†one of the IRig pro duo microphone¬†inputs ¬Ľ


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