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Snowball mic cancels sound on iPad and PC

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Hello! I'm Luis, from the Netherlands.

I have been singing for a while using the Apple headphones from my iPad pro. At the same time, I have a Snowball Blue mic, which I basically almost never used.... So I decided to start with it. 

I went to the Apple store and bought a Lightning-to-USB adaptor in order to get it going on the iPad, with amazing results. The sound is way cleaner and clearer. I would still use the headphones, but having the Snowball connected would automatically cancel the mic within the headphones. So I managed to record a few songs with enhanced quality.

Now, the joy didn't last long.  A couple of days ago I went on to plug both the Snowball and the headphones, but this time Smule (or the iPad) would ONLY allow me to use the mic from the headphones. The moment I plug in the Snowball, then it automatically cancels the sound and I don't get any feedback from the mic (it still does record, though). If I unplug it, then the sound is restored and the headphone's mic starts working again.

If I try using the Snowball with other apps (like Voice Memos), it does a great job recording, but as long as it is connected, all the sound is cancelled. I can only hear what I recorded after I unplug it.

At first I thought it had to do with the iPad's battery level (22%), but after fully recharging it, the problem was not solved.

The first thing I tried was restarting the iPad. I also tried deleting Smule and reinstalling it again, but that didn't help either.  

I have tried plugging the headphones and Snowball in different order, but this doesn't seem to change anything...

I went on to try the Snowball on the computer and it is the same story. The moment I plug the Snowball, all audio stops (also for other programs/websites). I have tried updating the driver, but that doesn't change a thing... Even get to One thing is clear, the Lightning to USB adaptor is not the culprit!

I'm all out of ideas... Hope you guys can help me brainstorm some other options.

Thanx for whatever tips you can share!


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