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Snowball on Galaxy Note 8

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Hey guys! I recently decide to try getting a condenser mic for my smule-ing. I was so excited about it until I actually plugged it into my note 8 (with a usb to usb c type adapter and headphones without mic in the headphone jack) and it sounded so muffled! I was singing almost right up against it and it was still kinda muffled (on setting 1 & 2). I also sang along with my own invites so I can have a side by side comparison of my earbud w/ mic (usb c type earbuds that came with the note 10 plus)  and the snowball and the snowball made me sound so nasally... 

I tried looking up the solution and all of them are for when you hook up the snowball to your computer. 

So my questions are:

- Is there a way to mess with mic settings on galaxy note 8 (or note 10 plus)? 

- What are the causes to why it sounds so muffled? 

- Should I just get another mic? 

I also have a note 10 plus that I was hoping to use with the snowball but it only has one usb c plug so I couldn't plug in mic and headphones at the same time (the adapters I found on Amazon didn't have both or they were incompatible). Anyone have suggestions on how to get around this problem for the note 10?

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