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Has anyone tried using Apple AirPods Pro with Smule?

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Hi everyone, first post here. I’d like to know if the Apple AirPods Pro work with Smule on iOS. 
Mainly, I am curious about the recording quality, as I know traditionally Smule hasn’t supported Bluetooth recording, however these new AirPods pro have the new H1 chip onboard, which apparently decreases the latency (lag) by ~30%.

Along with the dual beam forming microphones, it would seem to me that the AirPods pro would be an excellent product for Smule, as it would allow me to be free of wires finally!

please, if anyone can share their experience, or if anyone owns a pair of AirPods pro and wouldn’t mind doing a quick test for me, to just let me know whether they work well with Smule and if the recording quality is better or worse than the regular wired Apple EarPods that I’m currently using.

thank you all so much!

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