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How to improve Smule 1000%


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Ok long time highly active singer and rapper here.  I’ve used every possible element every combination over the years.  Smule is in bad need of some obvious


2. voting system of flagging so many in a short time temp removes a track for smule review (too many death threats)

3. Daw type instrumental each vocal layer on a line 

4. bring back the flag/rewind to be used with the new method. New method screws up too many tracks 

5. key change /tempo/pitch

6 when u block someone they need to be blocked not able to comment on your tracks pinned and favs (entire profile needs to be hid)

7. Ability to reopen and also remove individual layers 


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I have ONE suggestion to make it 1000% better: Include a metronome inside the "recording studio", so we can do the freestyle recordings at a steady tempo.

And if you could also include a drone sound (like the Tanpura drone sound in Indian classical music), then we can also get a pitch reference, along with the tempo reference that a metronome is.

Just set the correct tempo (bpm) and the correct key (the tonic note) while recording in freestyle, and sing anything at a consistent speed and scale. (You can make it a group join, and join yourself later - or get friends - to embellish the basic singing with other instruments/harmonies/beats).

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mentioned the group join advantage
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