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Beneficiary Scam?


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I have received a private message from someone claiming to be dying and having chosen me as their sole beneficiary. Another SMULE friend received the same message. (There goes the sole beneficiary theory!)

Has anyone else received the same message?

Am aware this is a scam but there may be some vulnerable people out there.

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_Ram Krish 1012

Anna Glad you did not fall for this and give your bank account details. My Optusnet email id got hacked at 10.00pm on a thursday night and the hackers had my bank account password in the subject line and tried to Blackmail me and get me to pay US 3000 in Bit Coins. I froze for a second and then Unplugged my Apple Mac and rushed to ANZ the next morning. My account had been flagged as there were multiple attempts to break in to draw funds but failed as they did not have my bank account number. From that day I use only gmail as it is safer


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Thanks, Ram. No, I did not fall for it but am a bit worried my friend might be tempted.

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