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not able to login my smule account


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i have been singing on smule app since 7 month.my user id is manavkaushal007.my mobile was stolen.when i trying to login at smule i couldnt find my smule account.there is another smule account from same email.how i get back to my smule account.kindly help me to sort this issue


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You just need to login using the same method as on your previous phone. If it says there is already an account, it means that you try to create a new account. 

If logging in is impossible for some reason, you need to contact Smule:
Sing.Salon is an independent community website. We have no access to Smule user data in any way. 


Follow me on Smule: https://smule.com/opentype 

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If Your Mobile Phone got stolen you would have lost the Sim Card too which means you have lost your original mobile number too. Tell me if I am wrong. Are you now trying to log in with your new mob phone number ?

Even though your mobile phone was stolen your email id still belongs to you. Put your phone away for a moment and go to smule web site using a Computer and log in using your email address. If you have forgotten your password Smule will send you a message to your email address asking you to reset your password. You should be able to do that. Once you do this then change the Mobile Phone number assuming you have a new number.

If I am wrong I am sorry. I am just trying to think aloud and HELP.



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