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Smule blog: #SmuleNesiansMUSICAL is Next Week’s Theme

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Playlist “SmuleNesians Challenge” adalah playlist yang berisi rekaman-rekaman favorit dari komunitas Smule Indonesia, berdasarkan tema tertentu setiap minggunya. Seluruh pengguna Smule Indonesia dapat ikut serta dengan menambahkan hashtag di deskripsi rekaman sesuai dengan tema yang ditentukan, untuk kesempatan difitur di playlist tersebut yang diperbarui setiap minggu.

Playlist #SmuleNesiansROCK. Cek Playlist komplitnya di halaman “Explore/Jelajah” di Smule!

Tema playlist minggu depan: MUSICAL! Begini caranya untuk kesempatan difitur dalam playlist “SmuleNesians Challenge” minggu depan:

1. Nyanyikan lagu-lagu genre MUSICAL (format solo/duet/group). Anda juga bisa bergabung di undangan lagu yang tersedia di akun Smule: @SNMusical.

2. Tulis hashtag #SmuleNesiansMUSICAL di deskripsi rekaman tersebut, paling lambat Minggu, 8 Desember 2019.

3. Rekaman-rekaman terbaik akan dipilih dan difitur di Playlist “SmuleNesians Challenge” di halaman Explore / Jelajah minggu depan!

Good luck!


“SmuleNesians Challenge” Playlist is a curated playlist from the Smule Indonesia community based on a theme each week. Any Indonesian user can participate by adding the weekly theme hashtag to his or her recording description for a chance to be featured in this weekly playlist.

Check out #SmuleNesiansROCK on “SmuleNesians Challenge” playlist on the Explore screen on Smule!

Next week’s playlist theme is: MUSICAL! Here’s what you have to do for a chance to be featured in the “SmuleNesians Challenge” playlist next week:

1. Sing your favorite MUSICAL songs (in solo/duet/group format). You can also join the song invitations from @SNMusical Smule account.

2. Put #SmuleNesiansMUSICAL hashtag on your performance description, no later than Sunday, December 8, 2019.

3. Best recordings will be picked and featured on next week’s “SmuleNesians Challenge” Playlist on the Explore screen!

Good luck!

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