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Smule: Hardware Advise Needed


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So I have finally bought Tascam IXZ and have iPad to connect with it.

Do not want to hold anything in hand or use condenser as have to stand very near and because of that the visual performance does not get full marks ! 😎

So please suggest me a good condenser type headset through which I can listen the music as well and connect to Tascam IXZ or iRig Pro !

I would like to know what is our fellow singer https://www.smule.com/Rajul_Pant is using ? I am sure the clarity which is coming out doesn't seem it is just directly connected to mobile device without any hardware in between ... 

I saw Shure PGA31-TQG but then how would I listen music as well ? 

Thanks in Advance !

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21 hours ago, Ragst said:

I would like to know what is our fellow singer https://www.smule.com/Rajul_Pant is using ?

Looks like a simple headset, in which case there would be no need for the Tascam iXZ. The latter is specifically made to connect professional singing mics, but apparently you don’t want them. So I’m not really sure what to suggest. 

Maybe ask that signer directly what headset he uses. 

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What Rajul Pant is using is a simple gaming head set with Built in Microphone that plugs straight into the iPad. I listened to him Sing and to be honest did not like the quality of the sound. Can understand as the mike is not designed for singing It is for Computer games

Tascam IXZ does not work with new iPads as It is old analog gadget. . iRig Pro I/O works well. Not the best but at this point of time don't know of anything better. I use an AKG D5 Vocal Dynamic Mic ( Shure SM 58 is also good) and an Audiosonic ATH M50x Head Phones.

iRig pro is Great for Solos but difficult when it comes to duets with other Smuleans, not knowing what settings they use in Super Studio. so a bit of mucking around after recording the duet

Any way this is my personal experience and opinion. 


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