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The gifts were fun at first but.,


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No matter how expensive the gift is, it disappears  from the profile n is replaced by the newer cheaper n free ones  in no time.  It's  bad enough that U spend  $$ on ridiculous virtual  "gifts" (stickers) that the recipient can't  use for anything n  may not even appreciate  its their value and cost for the gifter,  unless they are buyers.  Now U have  the pricey gifts disappear off the profile n replaced by the cheap n free ones in no time?!  This new gift feature with its unreasonable range of  prices n disregard to meaningfulness (let alone keeping them recorded on a profile)  is beyond ridiculous. It is making  smule less enjoyable n very frustrating.  I don't want to spend $100 every few days for meaningless, useless temporary stickers "gifts". I posted for all my followers  not  to send any paid gifts anymore. I had people send me many pricey gifts that disappear off my profile with the list of their gifts once a new "top gifter" comes into play., Even the top gifter's expensive gifts get hidden ..    This is NOT RIGHT or Fair! 

Useless meaningless and ridiculously expensive and also DISAPPEAR??!! Smule is a beautiful app n need to make money yes, but not like this. 

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I’m agree with you.

I want to be fair and I always send the same free gift to everyone. I listen, like, comment and give the same free gift to all my joiners because they’re spending their TIME with me. Sometime I can give valued gift to someone special for me. But I cannot give valued gift to everyone. Moreover there’s gift that it’s ridiculous expensive.

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