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  2. yes_shan_rocks


    I’m new to Sing Salon but have been on Smule 5+ years... would be interested in joining an active yet laid-back group...
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  4. Yes.. Now that I have come to accept this, I guess the harder is settled. Thank you for the counseling
  5. Kannan Did not think of these as Invites as they come from SMULE and they are kept open for a whole Year not just seven days. Just ignore these and bookmark invites you wish to join. I book mark invites ones a week. About 60 to 70 but sing when wever I am in the mood or have extra time. Sometimes you may not get around to sing all bookmarked songs...That is the way it is.
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  7. Shree

    Score after recording

    I have received above 100K for those that I improved over iterations. I have received 40 K for some songs in one iteration. Just a share with all politeness and respect.
  8. Aah the partner artists! I learned something new today. Thank you for the clarifications. Have a great day! 👋🙂
  9. Ah, the screenshot clears it up. Those are official “Smule partner artists”. https://sing.salon/smule-partner-artists/ You can tell by the purple badge. Smule does indeed put partner invites into everyone’s feed. It’s not like those individual invite you. Smule just suggests them to you, since many Smule users enjoy singing with well-known singers. I don’t think there is a way to stop this. But I think the amount of those invites is acceptable – and sometimes I appreciate it since I might not have learned any other way that a certain partner artist has opened songs on the platform.
  10. Gentlemen, thank you for replying. You would be surprised if I say I keep getting invites from folks whom I have no sort of connection with. The people you see in the screenshot are total strangers. I don't know how they managed to spread their invites. Please help.
  11. Kannan, Under Notifications Tab, You have Activity, Invites, and lastly gifts. In the Invite section you will receive invites only from People you follow. No one else. You scroll through this invites list and Book Mark the ones you want to join and that book marked list appears under your Profile Page (that Contains, Connections, Invites, Live Jams, Songs, and Favourites) under Invites. People you do not follow can send invites as Message as OpenType explained. You just ignore them or join if you feel like. This is the same for Android and IOS Ram
  12. I haven’t formally tested but I would assume so because the moving around of the sound corresponds to the videos moving on the screen. I would only do it with background vocals though because usually the acoustics of an audio-only layer over a video is usually busted sounding.
  13. LouisPowerslaves

    Stopping Smule From Moving Vocal Levels Forward And Back In Group Songs?

    oh, so if you do some audio only layers they pretty much stay flat and center and at set volume level?
  14. The Invites tab should only show invites from members you follow. People you don’t follow can only send you invites as messages and they will be placed in the “Other” tab. That’s easy to ignore. It can’t be turned off as far as I know.
  15. Singtopia Community, in collaboration with Smule, has created a curated playlist called SINGTOPIA PICKS! This playlist will consist of weekly/monthly themes, tributes, challenges and much more. The difference this time is that you’re not limited to official Songbook songs. You can create anything using the community songbook (with a few exceptions). We are so excited to team up with Singtopia Community, and to hear all of your amazing voices from around the world. Check out #SingtopiaFolkPicks. Thank you for submitting and supporting Singtopia Picks and look forward to another successful year ahead! How To Enter: 1) Sing and upload new performances that reflect the weekly theme. Video and audio are accepted. Add the hashtag #SingtopiaMotown to your song description. For many, Motown is the defining sound of the 1960’s pop, R&B, and soul music. The Motown Label spawned hit music right up until 2005…from The Temptations, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and The Jackson Five – all the way to Boyz II Men and Erykah Badu! Choose and submit your favorite Motown song! 2) Upload your recording within the weekly time frame and submit your songs no later than Thursday 12:00 PM PST (noon) of each week. 3) Don’t forget to check out and support Singtopia Picks!!! Winners will be chosen and showcased every Friday on the Singtopia Picks playlist found on the Explore Page. The curation team will listen closely and maybe you may see yourself on the playlist! All types of collaborations are welcome including international performances. Come join the party! View the full article on the Smule blog
  16. I am using the Android version of the app. Of late I am seeing a sudden increase in the number of invites and to my dismay, these are from singers I don't follow! The invites that matter to me that are from those I follow are getting embedded inside this clutter. Is this some new feature that's being introduced? Is there a setting that allows me to restrict invites only from those I follow? Thank you.
  17. mepaus

    Introduce Yourself here if you want

    Hi I’m Mark (@mepaus). I live in the beautiful Santa Fe mountains of New Mexico, USA. Smule has absolutely changed my life giving me the chance to sing with people in what I hope will be a more and more inclusive world. Let’s sing and melt our differences away.
  18. TLP

    Score after recording

    I just assumed it was a vestigial function in smule that maybe was used for gaming (kind of like that dancing wii game or a simon says game).
  19. TLP

    Introduce Yourself here if you want

    Hi! I like to sing. That is all. Thanks! (>-_-)>
  20. There are times where this panning is really cool like when you hear the right person in the right ear and the left person in the left, etc...but yeah, when it's not desired, it can be trippy and not so great. What if your background vocals were off video and then on video just do some really low (like negligible) BGVs so then your main will always shine? Just shooting ideas.
  21. That is nerdy but also really cool 🤓😃. I truly believe math holds the secrets to the meaning of life. Thanks for sharing this ☺️
  22. GJAM

    How to improve Smule 1000%

    Ok long time highly active singer and rapper here. I’ve used every possible element every combination over the years. Smule is in bad need of some obvious 1. OPTION TO DISABLE COMMENTS AND INBOX 2. voting system of flagging so many in a short time temp removes a track for smule review (too many death threats) 3. Daw type instrumental each vocal layer on a line 4. bring back the flag/rewind to be used with the new method. New method screws up too many tracks 5. key change /tempo/pitch 6 when u block someone they need to be blocked not able to comment on your tracks pinned and favs (entire profile needs to be hid) 7. Ability to reopen and also remove individual layers
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  24. opentype

    Marie Kraimbrery

    Marie Kraimbrery (born 1992) is a singer from the Ukraine.
  25. Asbco

    Smule: Join notifications missing

    I have had this issue before. Now I just go to my oc, and see if there are joins . It might also help if you clear cache.
  26. LouisPowerslaves

    Stopping Smule From Moving Vocal Levels Forward And Back In Group Songs?

    I was doing this to construct a group collaboration. In the end, it won't work for the same reasons. Guess I'll just throw a "don't do that option" in recommendations for future upgrades. Would just be nice to have the option sometime in the future. Thanks for your input.
  27. Probably because the priority is ease of use for actual group collaborations. By the way: they actually improved this already. When group video songs were first introduced, Smule took over the track volume completely and the automatic panning was extreme. At least in comparison to that, it works quite good now.
  28. Dear, I recently got shure MV5 mic to record with smule , it comes with lightening cable while my ipad's port is usb-c ,I have micro-b to usb-c cable which comes with my apogee hypemic . I tried to record and my voice is way way above average and the mic is very very sensitive during recording. I tried to record with ipad mini which has a lightening input and It was perfect . is it because of the cable ? if so then what you guys recommend to have for a micro-b to usb-c cable ? or maybe not cable? I don't know to be honest
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