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  2. Lovin'TheGift

    Your best Smule Song!

    Not sure if my original link posted the performance or not - will repost the full URL here just in case! 👍🏻😉 https://www.smule.com/p/2101846112_3158246098
  3. _RamKrish1012

    How do we share a SMULE Video Here on SingSalon?

    OMG What an Epic story. Glad you overcame the obstacles and beat the odds and can Sing your Blues away too. Very Proud of You Brother. Well done and stay well. I can fully relate to this as on 13th April 2000 I received a Millenium Gift. Woke up at 4.00am to realise I had suffered a brain stem stroke and my right hand and left leg were paralysed. Blood supply to my brain was cut off. I was not expected to live. Next year it will be 20 years post stroke and believe it or not the vocal box is partially paralysed even now. Crazy me I have recorded over 6000 songs on Smule. Yes we need the "Never Say Die Attitude" to beat the odds. Cheers
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  5. _EPIC_ATibbitt

    How do we share a SMULE Video Here on SingSalon?

    @_RamKrish1012, thank you for your response I wi will try this out right now

    My perfect smule singing Hardware.. & yours?

    I Solved the noise problem with the NT1A by using the boss VE-20 setting of mic threshold set it to 100% And the noise was gone my final Smule setup consists of the following a yamaha MG-82 CX mixer a boss ve-20 vocal processor a TC-Helicon Mic Mechanic and the rode NT-1A condenser microphone and of course the iRig mic pre that makes it all happen best 40$ bucks I ever spent happy singing everyone from. ELVIS_USA 🎤😊
  7. _RamKrish1012

    How do we share a SMULE Video Here on SingSalon?

    Cant wait to listen to your creation _EPIC_ATibbitt. Please post the url here in this very thread. Cheers
  8. Last week
  9. Note I am a Android User to and have experienced the same problem within a couple of days it was gone and everything was back to normal
  10. Check your data speed data speeds are known to slow down at the end of the your billing cycle when this happens contact your provider and ask him what data speed is used by your phone and explain that your phone has been lagging hope this helps.
  11. Welcome back! Singtopia Community in collaboration with Smule has created a new curated playlist called SINGTOPIA PICKS! This playlist will consist of weekly/monthly themes, tributes, challenges and much more. The difference this time is that you’re not limited to official Songbook songs. You can create anything using the community songbook (with a few exceptions). We are so excited to team up with Singtopia Community, and to hear all of your amazing voices from around the world. Check out #SingtopiaRoadtrip Picks How To Enter: 1) Sing and upload new performances that reflect the weekly theme. Add the hashtag #SingtopiaJAZZ to your song description. Express yourself through Jazz!! Sing any jazz song or get creative and turn your favorites into a jazzy performance. Jazz genre also includes Dixieland, Bebop and Swing! 2) Upload your recording within the weekly time frame and submit your songs no later than Thursday 12:00 PM PST (noon) of each week. 3) Don’t forget to check out and support Singtopia Picks!!! Winners will be chosen and showcased every Friday on the Singtopia Picks playlist found on the Explore Page. The curation team will listen closely and maybe you may see yourself on the playlist! All types of collaborations are welcome including international performances. Come join the party! View the full article on the Smule blog

    New feature suggestion: key change

    So tell us what are we missing what does iOS have that Android does not?
  13. opentype

    How do we share a SMULE Video Here on SingSalon?

    Previously, people could share any song they wanted in our Stage section, but it didn’t work well. The songs were so “random”, no one was interested in actually going through the tons of songs added there. So unfortunately, we had to stop member uploads in the stage section. To share songs here in the forum, it’s enough to just paste the full Smule performance URL. It will automatically be turned into a player. Video uploads like on Facebook are not possible, nor necessary, because of the dynamic Smule player. But the linked songs should fit specific discussions in the forums.

    Weird electric noise while recording

    I got a sound that sounded like electricity when I recorded going through it turns out that I had cleaned my equipment and where I am the jack going into the mic pre with a 1/8 plug as an adapter to a 1/4 it was wet inside from the contact cleaner after drying it thoroughly and cleaning it out and leaving it for a bit the problem is no longer just an FYI hope this helps anyone with this problem
  15. _EPIC_ATibbitt

    Your best Smule Song!

    Thank you so much and yes I love that about Smule as well. What I love even more is that Smile is a huge talent pool of some very talented vocalists from all over the world that Smule brings together musically and sometimes that is when magic is created!!
  16. As far as the effects pedals go I use my boss ve-20 and my TC Helicon Mic Mechanic to give me effects Smule does not provide on my home system when I record
  17. PeacefulJoin

    Singing With Opposite Sex

    I don’t want this post to fuel any drama, and if it does, please remove. I think it’s a shame if a user sings with the opposite sex there are assumptions made. This is a singing app! I sing with many of the opposite sex because they happen to have the songs I like open, no other reason. I have guy friends in real life, as well, and my spouse has no problem with it, so I don’t understand other users who don’t even know me (or other users) having a concern with it. Can’t we just enjoy the app? I don’t want to date or hate. I want to sing! 🎤❤️ Thank you
  18. PeacefulJoin

    What is the cat gift on Smule?

    The dog gift has finally arrived. It’s so adorable that I had to treat myself. Best one yet in my opinion and a reasonable cost—10 coins. ❤️🐶
  19. It supposedly determines how well you sing the song, but I don’t think it is accurate, unless you follow the vocal guide, just my humble opinion. If you harmonize, it may give you a low score, even though you may sound like a dream. I wouldn’t think too much about it. Sing the song the way you want. 😊

    Awesome unit the Irig mic pre

    I love the idea that with the iRig mic pre I'm not tied down to home no more!!! and go in the backyard and record the tub excellent echo in the bathroom by the way..lol the car anywhere I can go I can record if I wish as long as it's allowed of course...LOL

    Smule on Android. Headphone recommendations?

    And when I record in the car I use my iRig mic pre a 6 ft mogami microphone cable and my trusty Shure sm58 Beta A and if needed I use my Apple wired headphones every once in awhile when I can't record with the other

    Smule on Android. Headphone recommendations?

    For just earbuds Apple would be the way to go my headphones I use are the Shure ht440 to monitor with
  23. Lovin'TheGift

    Your best Smule Song!

    I love that Smule is like a mini recording studio! I had forgotten about this classic song (“Seminole Wind” - love James Taylor’s cover best!!) and once I found it, I really enjoyed doing this multi-layered version! It was a lot of fun and very rewarding - hope you enjoy it! 💜
  24. opentype

    Add Smule song to iTunes playlist

    Should work. How exactly did you try to add the song?
  25. I am facing a problem of my Android mobile partner unable to join a collab by "picking the Mic" during a Smule jam with me hosting with an iOS IPhone device. Though my partner is able to join the live jam for viewing n chatting, not be to join for singing. The partner screen blanks out some times and / or host iPhone screen freezes with "partner confirming availability messagr" or iPhone shows a strange error message. Primarily I wanted to use iOS device so that the jam / collabs could be saved. Anyone faced such problem and have a workaround please let know. Thanks.
  26. KristinaMystique

    Add Smule song to iTunes playlist

    Hi! I used the downloader today for the first time successfully...to a point. I was able to download to my desk top on my Apple desktop. But, when I tried to add the song to an iTunes playlist, I couldn't do it. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, KristinaMystique
  27. I'm going mad about this. I use Huawei P20 lite with headphones. To hear my voice when singing, I set the banner "voice feedback" but the more I set it up, the more the voice is like delayed in an awful way.. Just like a double voice after mine. It's impossible to sing... If I put it down, I don't hear my voice at all, of course... Please help me!!
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