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  2. Asbco

    This must be a scam

    So I received this in my inbox and guess what? When I clicked on the user id, the acct is frozen. Anyone got "lucky " too?
  3. Last week

    Cannot upload recording

    Uploading is too slow
  5. opentype

    Switching device while on annual VIP? ANDROID-TO-IOS

    The best option is usually to buy VIP on Smule.com (with a Credit Card). It will work on iOS and Android at the same time.
  6. Sidharth_agg

    Switching device while on annual VIP? ANDROID-TO-IOS

    I bought Smule subscription on android at very low price for year back and now it has gone very much higher ,when I have changed to iPhone what to do ? do i need to spend again ?
  7. DuetWithAlli

    First experience with a Bully

    That’s good advice. My experience with popular singers on Smule is that they are self serving you-know-whats. Avoid them for sure if you want to have a good time on Smule. Unless you want to sing and not have anyone actually listen to it, the hot invites are good for that, I guess.
  8. That’s true. Still annoying to see the same invites repeatedly. I even tried blocking their verified accounts and still received the invites! Grrrr …
  9. Yes, I see that my old recordings are playing fine now as well. When I had issues with this, I think it would say “optimizing your recording” … I don’t even remember now haha. But I just clicked through about ten recordings in order and kept clicking on them from top to bottom and they would play eventually. But now it’s letting me play recordings from five years ago with no wait time.
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