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  2. _MusiCoolPiyush_

    Irig Mic HD2 and Best mic for Smule

    Hi RamKrish - I too have a Samsung S7 and I have found that the IRIG PRE device works very well with it. I am not sure about the 3.5mm splitter but do check out IRIG PRE in google. I did stop using Samsung S7 for many months now as I have moved to using an Apple Ipad as the Smule app made for iOS is far ahead than the one made for android devices. There are 2 types of AKG D5 microphones - the default ones dont have an on/off switch but the ones that do are £15-20 more expensive. However, considering that you can turn your mic off when its not your turn to sing definitely stops from any background noise to trickle into the recording. Piyush Brighton, UK
  3. Yesterday
  4. Are you using Bluetooth headphones? I am on a Pixel 3XL, which I didn't notice any problem when I just causally playing the app without headphones. But when I put on my Bluetooth ear buds, the latency became really bad ... but when I think about it, it totally makes sense. The latency isn't caused by the smule app and the phone, but the delay from Bluetooth! When you are recording, you are listening to a delayed version of the song, therefore smule will record your delayed voice. However, when the app processes your recording, it will combine the original song with your delayed voice!
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  6. StudioNarainRYAN

    How to make a Condenser Microphone work on Samsung 7 ?

    Ram. I have uploaded a video on the subject. I am not able to upload it to the forum. You can watch the video on smule. Not only does the condenser mic work very well with Android, I received some interesting feedback from Android users that following my instructions has also helped them resolve “LAG” issues. Cheers Mate. Have fun singing.
  7. RCD_hasanputra

    I lost my Smule account...

    login smule should use email try to remember your email if you still can not remember to contact https://smule.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  8. opentype

    I lost my Smule account...

    Contact Smule: https://smule.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  9. ItzAsriel

    I lost my Smule account...

    My account was lost. @ItzAsriel. I lost My email. The email was deleted and im stuck. I dont know how its spelled. I know my username but not by passwors. What do I do?!
  10. If there is no microphone on the headset, Smule will switch to the microphone of the phone/tablet.
  11. Received an interesting response from Smule Customer support saying they do not test or support third party hardware like microphones and suggested my best option if I did not like the Standard Earphones supplied with the Phones, I should get a head phone with microphone that plugs directly into the phone with a 3.5mm TRRS plug. I have put aside all my interfaces like the Roland Go Mixer Pro and the Yamaha MG06X and my dynamic mic and plugged my headphone directly into the Mob phone and I am able to record even thought my head phones do not have a built in mic. Cannot understand how the voice signal reaches the phone. without a Mic
  12. Please can you explain how can use this option? My sister used to sing on iphone and she , and i on android, now I bought an iphone, but i cannot use my vip android,(need to pay again), is it possible that my sister put my account in her vip account without change my username? Sorry for the question but i truly didn't understand, and maybe is a solution to my problem, her subscription at App Store, I think 3 years ago she began at smule, and use only one account, maybe this could save some money to us.Thank you in advance for some help.
  13. Stefan_1301

    Introduce Yourself here if you want

    Hi, my name is Stefan, I am german and started to sing only this year (Jan 2018) when I accidentally stumbled upon the Smule App 😅 Here’s the link to my current pinned song (it’s a group collab): https://www.smule.com/p/576600897_2644164105
  14. opentype

    Smule launches in-app group feature

    It is available on Android now as well.
  15. BrainDad

    Download Feature request: file tags and name

    chrome on windows
  16. opentype

    Download Feature request: file tags and name

    What browser are you using? It should pick up the song name on recent browsers: I can’t add anything to the song, since the file is directly coming from Smule.
  17. Hi! Thanks for your downloader, I find it very useful for practice tracks, or recording support voices for myself. This is far from being a critical feature, but ... Could you add the fetched song info to the file tags? Or at least the default filename when it is downloaded. Now all the files come with the title tag: "ver:1"
  18. HumanoidRadio

    Echo (ft. HumanoidRadio)

  19. Earlier
  20. sowmyaa_g

    Evarum sollamale

  21. opentype

    Recovery of frozen Smule id

    Not sure if this is possible. But if it is, you would have to contact Smule support. https://smule.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000104223
  22. Vidhyabhatiya

    Recovery of frozen Smule id

    How can I recover my frozen Smule id ,that is done by myself
  23. In addition to what Paola said: The button is called “freestyle” and is not always visible. It is part of a slider, so you might need to scroll through the entries to find it.
  24. Paola

    The Smule Dream

    Smule is a company that listens to its community, and I like doing this every now and then, because we can bring ideas to them to see what can be enhanced... so at this moment... What are the things -that if this was the perfect app for you- you would like to have or maybe NOT have?
  25. Paola

    Help!! Smule Group / Sing.Salon Group

    You should just go to the groups area on Smule app and add your group there I'm sure there's a tutorial around here on the blog. The directory that we had on the Smule page, I am not updating it anymore since our goal was to have it directly in-app so that's where you should focus on having your group posted.
  26. It is 3 accounts including the main one. This works if you pay it through the app store, if you buy it on smule.com (which is currently the cheapest option) you will have sharing between android and ios but not multiple accounts.
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