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  2. Raven_Wonder

    Original recording artist meet

    I'm an aspiring artist and I'm looking for vocalists who are interested in putting their own unique sound towards new and exciting projects. Preferably female vocalists however the more options the merrier haha TIA much love
  3. Clarkeyboi

    After last update...can't share video

    I'm having same problem driving me mad . It's a joke you can't get your songs on your phone. Just get no sound and 59 secs same as you ;( think I'm gonna unsubscribe as it's going down the pan
  4. philhill14

    unable to save recordings, prompts "Sing Again"

    It did this to me once when I was trying to simply save the song without my vocals. Were your vocals recorded when you played it back? Wondering if your mic wasn't being picked up. Just a thought!
  5. philhill14

    Songbook on smule.com vs on sing app

    Nevermind ya'll.. I figured this out. It's the difference between the smule "official" library and the user content availability in the app.
  6. Are the available songs the smule.com website different from those on the app? When I type in (for example) Streisand on the web site, I only get three songs, however on the app there are about 60. Just wondering!
  7. Is it a group song? That’s the only thing that comes to mind where that is expected – if it doesn’t recognize headphones.
  8. philhill14

    Saved in pictures

    Up until the most recent update this method worked for me... however, now I only get 50 seconds of video with no sound. I've emailed tech support to let them know so maybe this will be working again after the next update. click the share button..... go to "share video". ..it'll prepare the video and save to photos. You can then hit done or attempt to share to FB or you tube. Once you hit done the video should be in your photos.
  9. Raven_Wonder

    Perspective of A Troubled Mind

    Welcome to the mind of a troubled soul
  10. RamKrish1012

    How to Gift Smule Subscription to Family and Friends

    Dont follow why should I make payments abroad when I am fully subscribed ? When I said lengthy period I only meant say 4 to 6 weeks. Ram
  11. After completion of each recording, instead of "Continue" option, shows "Sing Again". I sang several times but to no avail. How to solve this issue? Please Suggest.
  12. Anyone else having an issue sharing videos after the last update? iPhone x with latest ios. I click share...facebook/youtube (as I've done before). Only 59 seconds of video with NO sound will download to my iPhone and that's all that will upload to facebook. only 59 seconds with no sound. Help!!
  13. Lance Callahan

    Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

  14. Last week
  15. opentype

    How to Gift Smule Subscription to Family and Friends

    Sure, you can use it anywhere. Payments can be problematic from abroad.
  16. RamKrish1012

    How to Gift Smule Subscription to Family and Friends

    Thats sad as I was thinking of many who love singing but cannot afford to buy Smart phones leave alone a Smule Membership annually and I could have helped. This raises another question, I am registered into Smule from Australia; am I allowed to sing on Smule when I am on holidays overseas for lengthy periods. I am planning a long trip to Africa and India next year. Ram
  17. opentype

    How to Gift Smule Subscription to Family and Friends

    I don’t think that’s easily possible at this point. Gift cards for Apple’s or Google’ store would work in theory, but they aren’t tied to a specific app and there are lots of limitations, e.g. in which country you can actually use them.
  18. Is it possible for me to Gift "Smule Subscriptions" to family and friends living all over the world, say as BirthDay or Wedding Anniversary Presents. If yes can it be for more than one year ? Ram
  19. RamKrish1012

    about smule vip pass price

    OMG. I had no Clue what so ever and kept wondering why Smule will call this Sing Salon. Why Sing Salon ? and not Smule Salon ? I am sorry I know I am asking too many question 😞 Ram
  20. opentype

    about smule vip pass price

    Completely independent.
  21. RamKrish1012

    about smule vip pass price

    Thank You so much O.T. You are amazing. I used the link to update my credit card details and now my membership is safe I am beginning to realise what was confusing me all along. I was getting mixed up between Sing Salon Website and Smule Web site, considering I can go to Smule Account of any Sing Salon Member. Is Sing Salon an independent Blog to serve the Smule Community ? Please clarify. Thanks again Mate. Ram
  22. What I've seen til now in the app is two different behaviours: - headphones recommended on duet OCs (you see the notice but you can continue and record). - headphones mandatory on group OCs (you can sing, but you cannot save, as you would ruin the OC). Maybe it's a new feature ... because the noise of the joins without headphones can be really annoying.
  23. opentype

    about smule vip pass price

    You can change your card here: https://www.smule.com/de/s/billing/account
  24. When my head phone is not plugged into the Samsung Phone and I try to join a duet I get a polite message that says head phones recommended,
  25. RamKrish1012

    about smule vip pass price

    OK I tried to Renew ad realised it costs much less than I paid a year ago Aud$23.99 against Aud$30 last year. So I hit the button and got Told "Not so fast as you already have a subscription" I hope the membership gets renewed automatically. But then my credit card expired a month back and have been issued a new card by the Bank. Does Smule have customer Service ? Ram
  26. opentype

    about smule vip pass price

    It doesn’t expire unless you cancel it. So there is no need to manually renew normally. They will just deduct the money automatically after a year from your credit card.
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