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  2. nyc1805


    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa what a fever : )
  3. The volume slider is the monitoring slider (on iOS) for your own voice. Note that it doesn’t affect the final recording at all. It is just there to adjust the volume of your voice while recording. The guide track plays the notes of the melody if available. It can help you if you don’t know the song very well. Personally, I never use it. I always have it at “zero”. Note that the quality may vary. For Smule’s official songs, the guide track is perfect, but for community songbook songs, it is automatically calculated from the previous recordings of other people. The timing might be questionable and there might be missing parts.
  4. KuyaManzano

    Elvis and Kuya sing for you!

  5. _RamKrish1012

    Separate the backing track volume from mic input volume

    Open Type Can you please explain how to make use of this option I just realised was there. When an invite has been loaded and ready for me to join and complete, I notice that at the bottom you have three icons the last of which is the speakers. When I click on that I can see two sliding options one for Vocals from 0 to 100% and the line below is Guide with 0 to 100%. I have no clue what the guide is for as when I increase the guide I hear some loud sounds. No idea how to adjust the vocals volume either.. What is strange is that I have not noticed this in the last 18 months but just now unless it is a new feature. Please help Ram
  6. _RamKrish1012

    Separate the backing track volume from mic input volume

    I use the iRig Pre and when my iPad volume is high when recording the recording is Ok but when I turn the iPad Volume down I have to Boost the Vocal volume after recording as suggested by Open Type sometimes have to crank it up to +6 and even then the vocal is not loud enough. Sometimes I have to lower the gain on iron Pre to eliminate noise before recording. Would be nice if Smule standardises this so we do not have to muck around every time we record Ram
  7. That’s strange that you can’t use your android subscription on an iOS device since I was doing that from the start of this year because I changed to an iphone. My android membership was still working on my iOS device..My subscription expired and now I can’t seem to be able to use that method anymore .. odd
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  9. Rakesh Kapoor

    Ehsan Tera Hoga Mujhpar

    In this song my co singer is Suman Dangwal, very nice voice.
  10. Last week
  11. Guest

    The Rose

    This version is so beautiful. The voices blend so well. J-War has a beautiful, soulful voice. Such depth of feeling and tone. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Guest

    The Rose

    This is a duet with J-War and MarshallWoods1. The Rose by Bette Midler
  13. Northstar


    A song entry for the finale of a competition which I won 3rd place.
  14. As @opentype said , everything you upload as public is open to anonymous viewers. You can browse all the public OCs. I believe smule is getting behind in its privacy policy. I understand this is not priority for smule as a business: When you set up a service like this, it is obvious that one of your better chances of growing and getting more clients is via social connections, so their incentives to implement privacy policies are negative. But we subscribers, as paying users, should point smule that we request more privacy settings. It would be very easy to extend the privacy setting with two more options: let you share with either public, connected smulers, followed smulers, or private (link receivers). Also, ability to hide your email from being found on the add users from your contact list would be a nice privacy feature. I'm not asking for it as a default setting, but it really would be very easy to implement. Maybe if they get several of this kind of requests, they consider implementing them.
  15. opentype

    Switch from Smule Android

  16. kPhotoPro

    Switch from Smule Android

    Hello! What if I already subscribed on android, but want to unsubscribe and re-subscribe on Smule.com so I can use both iOS and android apps? Is that possible without losing all my content?
  17. Individual Spiritualist

    Lets dance

  18. Frankieblue

    Separate the backing track volume from mic input volume

    I see that you say -12 to +6 is on the review screen. I haven't seen this so when I find it I should be A-OK, Danke opentype.
  19. Frankieblue

    Separate the backing track volume from mic input volume

    Thank you for the speedy reply. Is the mic volume slider the green line at the bottom of the recording screen? I feed through a presonus Tube pre v2 into the iRig Pro so I should have plenty of mic volume options. Searching through other posts I think perhaps I should not use any of Smule's presets while using my setup because they can interfere with my output, can that be so?
  20. You can’t adjust the background track. You need to adjust the mic to the music. You can move the mic volume slider between -12 and +6 on the review screen. That should be enough 99% of the time. If +6 is still too quiet, your output gain on the iRig Pro I/O is probably too small.
  21. 🤐 Is it possible to adjust the mic input volume separate from the backing track volume for recording? I am finding that the music is too loud for my voice once saved. I use an iRig Pro i/o and my iPad 5. Many people have louder voice than music so how do they achieve it please, otherwise love this site.
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  23. _RamKrish1012

    iRig Pre and Noise recording Duets

    On an average I book mark about 7 to 10 invites to sing and record at nights before bed time. The recordings are awesome at times and the very next invite generates an awful static noise and I am forced to lower the gain on iRig Pre to minimise the noise and this means the recording quality goes down and the recorded voice is of very low volume. This problem is more common when the invites are Video Collaborations.. How do I deal with this problem? Can some one tell me please Cheers Ram
  24. Kacy76

    I’ll Never Love Again

    Absolutely loved singing this song with the amazingly talented Lina 🥰❤️
  25. mackdizzy

    Can't Share Song with Group Chat?

    This is iOS, and yeah, I've been doing that. Not sure if there's a fix 🤷‍♀️
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