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  2. _RamKrish1012

    Can we ask SMULE to stop dumping invites into Notifications

    This can be fixed in a jiffy by Smule Software developers. Just a provision like a button to reverse the order. giving singers both options. Some Like to sing duets as soon as the invites arrive. I like to book mark them and sing before they expire, so I am almost always seven days late.
  3. opentype

    Bookmarking Smule Songs

    Bookmarks are moved to your profile and can more easily be accessed there.
  4. opentype

    Converting into MP3

    This type of stuff does not really work on iPhone. You need to use a desktop computer.
  5. dosendme

    Bookmarking Smule Songs

    What is the benefits of bookmarking a song Do we find quickly amongst 100 of invitations?
  6. dosendme

    Converting into MP3

    After copying the recorded link from Smule , I am pasting in sing.salone and fetching and down below blue button comes with download now. Now the problem starts, am using iPhone 6, the conversation takes place but still remains in the long link format, NOT useal MP3 Audio formate like on left side it would have ▶️ Play button symbol with audio bar any help pl Also Smule recording does not let us share to WhatsApp but only in the text message Why?
  7. dosendme

    Score after recording

    How is score decided at the end of recording? For collab is the original singer , who invited us,performance is added ? How to increase score in Solo AND in Collab? What is the lowest and highest score? Thank you
  8. dosendme

    Solo songs

    Does any one knows for Solo songs for Indian Hindi Film, user name or site within Smule Thanks in advance
  9. Yesterday
  10. To day I got 892 invitations and I was never able to reach to the bottom of invitations to respond to soon to be expired, sometimes it is only 15-20 minutes left CAN WE HAVE REVERSED ORDER MEAN I WANT TO SEE SOON TO BE EXPIRED FIRST thank you
  11. dosendme


    What is the feature or advantage of a person ID is mentioned, by user in their homepage or when click their photo and whatever the page comes, it is after their own quote.... says mentioned
  12. dosendme

    Percentage % mark

    I see on right hand side may be right below SING button, percentage like 98% — 93% like that What is that mean? And what impacts me my singing or partner recording OR originally who uploaded the song What is the lowest and highest % are allowed or are in general practice Thank you
  13. To bookmark, Click on the three dots on the top right Of an invite and a menu will prompt. You will see one of the options as bookmark invite. Unfortunately you have to scroll to the very end of your invite list to see the ones that will expire soon
  14. Pardon my ignorance but how to bookmark and how to look the oldest first before expire again sorry for asking
  15. I've been recently getting notices that we can now sing with Blue Tooth headphones. Are there any particular ones that are recommended?
  16. I'm with you on this topic. There are so many invites that I'm not going to join for various reasons, and wish to delete those invites. I don't see why this is a feature that can't be executed?
  17. _RamKrish1012

    Many Singers are Abandoning Smule. They need HELP

    When you are a good and popular singer with ten thousand followers, why should you be forced to go anonymous or Private on Smule ? Defeats the purpose and encourages the offenders. Offenders should be Blocked & Purged from all facets of Smule
  18. _RamKrish1012

    Cannot get my iRig Pro I/O to work with my iPad. Need Help

    OK The Gain on i Rig Pro is to do only with Microphone used. Thanks for this input. Earlier on after recording duets could view audio signature of both singers and I used to adjust the volume to match the original singer. In Super studio you don't get to see the audio signature of the first singer so volume adjustment has to be done on what I hear after recording. May be Studio is different so have to check it out. Midi INPUT is for Key Board etc. I want to know how the Midi Output can be used
  19. ___j34li4n___

    Smule account using phone number

    I want to change my mobile number to get my vip subscription.. How can I change please..? Thank you
  20. Last week
  21. Crazyjster

    Many Singers are Abandoning Smule. They need HELP

    This actually ties into something I posted in a separate thread about people having the ability to comment etc without a registered account as well as see what we post etc... because it can be used as a way of stalking. I also realized that people (I think) can ban you but still track everything you do. I wish there was an incognito mode lol! As for the rest scenario I first mentioned, that person"s IP did eventually get banned and he eventually got a new device...I realize this is a pointless battle and not worth it. There is no amount of blocking because there is always new accounts (2 in two minutes in a live jam for example). It's not worth my attention if that's what this person is seeking. I don't take things personally and I am including threats now.
  22. No. You only set the interface gain for the mic you are using. To make sure you match other people in duets, you use the volume slider on the review screen before uploading. Well, it’s to connect midi devices like keyboards and so on.
  23. _RamKrish1012

    Cannot get my iRig Pro I/O to work with my iPad. Need Help

    Thanks Guru, I was scared to crank up the gain so set the gain at 5.0 and could hardly hear my voice when recording and I kept cranking the head phone volume up. Almost ruptured my ear drums. I will set GAIN at 8.5 as suggested and see how I go. 95% of the time I am joining invites from others and singers who use all sort of phones and Super studio settings. Do these have any bearing on the Gain setting? I am using the Dynamic Mic still. Buying a Condenser Mic is the next step. Power supply for i Rig Pro I/O is out of stock and I may have to wait a week or two. For the First time in six months my Pad battery ran out of juice and down to 10%. This means despite the batteries the i Rig Pro I/O drains the i Pad Battery. The midi input is for guitars etc. What is the Midi output in i RIG Pro for ? Thanks for all your guidance. It has been a nice learning curve Cheers
  24. opentype

    How do I invite people to a solo I posted

    You will have to do it again and open it as a duet. The choice for solo, duet or group song needs to be made before singing the song.
  25. How do I invite people to a solo that I posted? I hoping to have them harmonize with me. After I posted it there was no invite button. Makes sense, given it was a solo. However, I can’t figure out how to invite people other than go to the chat. Is there any other way? Please don’t tell me I have to do it over! Thank you… I understand you guys are here for a quick answer- hope so… Thanks, again – Dena
  26. ShiningSinger

    Many Singers are Abandoning Smule. They need HELP

    I want to add there are probably users who use different devices, such as maybe an iPod not registered in their name to mask their identity. I know my e-mail was almost hacked, and it was from several different IP addresses, so I have a feeling it was a user using an anonymous proxy server or a VPN. With a little effort, they still can be discovered if serious enough.
  27. ShiningSinger

    Many Singers are Abandoning Smule. They need HELP

    Yes, Smule can trace a target by their IP address and probably have with many, time permitting, but if the accused user hasn’t been banned, my guess is it’s probably because there may not have been sufficient proof or they may have discovered there were two sides to the complaint, not stating at all this is your situation. As for death threats, I would have contacted the proper authorities ASAP! You’re correct. This is just an app, and in order for the app to improve, users need to use the app for singing. Not a dating app, not a gossip app, but a singing app.
  28. Trial and error basically. You want it as high as possible, but not so loud to make the signal peak (i.e. distort the sound). The distortion can be heard. After recording on the review screen, you can also see the recorded waveforms. They should look similar in height to a recording with a regular headset. Once the perfect setting was found for the mic, you never ever have to touch that again. My iRig Pro I/O gain is at 8.5 always.
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