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  • What are Sing.Salon Language Clubs?

    Clubs are communities within the Sing.Salon community dedicated to specific languages. All public content on Sing.Salon needs to be English, but if your native language is a different language than English, you can join a language club to talk about Smule in your native language. Language clubs need to be joined first. Only club members will be able to read and participate. That way, the discussions in your native language do not confuse other members who do not understand them. 

    Joining a club

    Open the club list to find a club in your native language. Open the club and apply to join it. You can also later leave the club at any time. 

    Creating a club

    If you cannot find a club in your native language, you can also create one. If you start a club, you will automatically become the owner and moderator of this club. But you can also pass on this duty to someone else in the future. 

    Important: Adding a club is ONLY for languages and the club name must be “Smule [Language Name]”. You cannot create a club for your Smule group or any other purpose. Smule clubs which do not follow this rule, will immediately be deleted. 

    Becoming a moderator

    You like interacting with other Smule singers and you are a frequent user of Sing.Salon? We are happy to make you the moderator of a language club in your native language. As moderator you get extended permissions in the club you run. You approve members and posts, hide posts and so on. It’s like running a Facebook group.