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  • Sing! version 6.3.1 for iOS was released

    Smule released a new version of the Sing! app for iOS. You will first notice a design overhaul covering the entire app. In addition, users of an iPhone X will notice that the app now makes better use of the iPhone X screen. 


    But the biggest changes appear in the completely redesigned Explore tab. There are new sections for trending recordings, singers and playlists. The Recommended for You section remains prominent, while the other playlists (like Smule Picks, Sing with the Artist, Rising Stars, Undiscovered Talent) have been demoted to the bottom of the Explore tab and need to be opened one by one. And there are now only 4 playlists left – the controversial Killer Karaoke is not there anymore. 


    So far users don’t seem to report serious problems with the upgrade. iPad users have noticed that the previous option of using the app in landscape mode is not available anymore. I suspect this is a permanent change, but it might also return in a future update. 

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    Unlike. My messages aren’t marked as unread. I can’t even change the orientation of the screen now. I can tell I’ll dislike this. 😠 but I’ll give it a chance 

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    Upgrade of latest version of Smule is causing lot of discomfort as we cannot change the orientation of the screen to horizontal position on ios

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